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An Award? Liebster!

Liebster awardI’m supremely stunned and extremely grateful to Matthew Peters, who nominated me and my little blog here for a Liebster Award. (The Liebster Award is given from one blogger to another just because they enjoy the content and personality of that particular blogger and they want to spotlight the blog for more readers to discover.) I haven’t thought much of my blog in recent weeks (because I’ve been slacking), but the knowledge that people are reading and enjoying is so wonderful and a huge motivator. ¬†Read more

The Importance of Side Projects

[Image:¬†Oliver Hammond via Compfight] Right around the time I started submitting short stories to literary journals and magazines, I realized I needed a website. I wanted a place to house and track my aspirations, successes and setbacks, a place to connect with others in more than just 140 characters. Also, for marketing reasons (everyone says better to start building a… Read more →