You’ll Always Remember Your First

I’m happier-than-if-I-lived-in-house-made-of-chocolate that my first published short story landed today! “Breathless in the Meadowlands” is a flash fiction piece set in New Jersey, whose main character is dragged out of his element by the deeds of his reckless younger brother. It appears on Asbury Pulp. There’s an added joy in having my first published story set in the state that… Read more →

Making Lists

When left to my own devices, I’m a pretty disorganized person. That, it turns out, is a problem when it comes to writing and attempts at publishing. Because being disorganized leads to poor time management; poor time management leads to feeling overwhelmed; feeling overwhelmed leads to inaction (i.e.: the Dark Side). All the things I want/need to accomplish just float… Read more →

The Importance of Side Projects

[Image:¬†Oliver Hammond via Compfight] Right around the time I started submitting short stories to literary journals and magazines, I realized I needed a website. I wanted a place to house and track my aspirations, successes and setbacks, a place to connect with others in more than just 140 characters. Also, for marketing reasons (everyone says better to start building a… Read more →